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Real estate septic inspections are a common clause that is included in real estate transactions. Often buyers will request that the home and septic system receives a clean bill of health from an accredited professional before finalizing the agreement of purchase and sale. This is to protect the buyer against unexpected costs, and some lenders even require the inspection to approve financing.

As a seller, you could be proactive about getting the paperwork in order and request a real estate septic inspection to determine the current state of your system and make any repairs necessary before putting your home on the market. This is recommended, but not always required as it is typically the buyer who pays for the real estate septic inspection out of pocket.

A real estate septic inspection is no different from a standard septic tank inspection: pumping the tanks and examining the leaching beds to determine if there are any issues with the drainage tubes and pumps. That being said, if you do require repairs or even a full replacement, it would be your responsibility to cover this cost, unless you are able to negotiate this into your agreement of purchase and sale.

If most homes in your area have septic systems, it is unlikely that this should cause problems when selling your home. An experienced realtor can help you navigate the complexities around this conditional clause to help you prepare your home for sale.