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septic repair
If you have a septic system, when you flush a toilet or rinse something down the drain in your home, the liquid and solid waste moves through the pipes and into the septic tank, a concrete box buried beneath the ground on your property. Within the tank, clear liquid moves to the top while solid waste forms layers at the bottom and stays behind. The clear liquid can move through the pipes on the other side of the tank, which connect to the drain field. Liquid can seep through the perforated pipes in the drain field, which are surrounded by gravel that provides an additional layer of filtration. This completes the cycle of the septic system, but you can see that there are a number of parts at work anytime you turn on a sink or flush the toilet.

With so many different components, you may find yourself in need of septic repair at some point. Ignoring a problem with your septic system is a bad idea, as a minor issue could become a major one without proper septic repair. A small clog in a pipe or flushing something too large down the drain could cause the entire system to back up, which will create a messy situation on your property. Watch for warning signs that you need septic repair, such as bad odors coming from the tank, slow-moving drains, or wet spots on the ground of your home or outside the house.

At Sauer Septic, we provide septic repair services for clients throughout the Apopka, Florida area. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.