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At Sauer Septic, we include a full inspection of the septic system with each septic pumping we perform.

Real Estate Septic Inspections in Groveland, Florida
One of the most critical parts of maintaining your septic system is to make sure you get regular septic pumping. This not only helps keep your system from clogging or overloading, but also presents the opportunity for any previously unknown problems to be noticed and resolved, before turning into larger issues.  At Sauer Septic, we include a full inspection of the septic system with each septic pumping we perform.

The frequency for septic pumping varies based on a number of issues such as how many people are using the system daily, how much waste is processed, and the size of your septic tank. Any of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians can help you determine a proper septic pumping schedule. There are also several signs to watch for that signal you need septic pumping.

  1. Slow draining toilets, sinks, and tubs
  2. Foul odors near the tank and coming up your plumbing pipes
  3. High nitrate levels in well water
  4. Unusually green/lush lawn above drain field
  5. Sewage backup

If you notice any of these signs, it is important that you call us at Sauer Septic right away. We will come and inspect the issue to see if septic pumping is the right solution, or if you have another underlying problem.

Here at Sauer Septic, we have nearly four decades of experience to rely on as we provide you the best in all septic tank services. We also make it a top priority to treat our customers with great respect and ensure that all of our services are done in a way that best serves the environment. Also, because we are a full-service septic company, we can handle any of your needed repairs or installations with ease.

Call us today to schedule septic pumping for your Leesburg, Florida septic system.

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