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A drain field inspection is critical to be sure your system is operating as it should.

Drain Field Inspection in Mascotte, Florida
There are three main times when you should arrange for a drain field inspection – when you are about to close on a property, when you notice a problem, and every so often to be sure it is performing as it should. Here at Sauer Septic, we understand the need to keep your system operating properly. You do not want a problem with the drain field to cause a backup into your Mascotte, Florida home, and you don’t want it to allow contaminants into the soil and groundwater.

It is far better to be proactive and have a drain field inspection done, not only whenever you have the tank pumped, but in between those visits. This is the best way to spot a problem before it can become costlier to resolve. We are also looking for signs that you need to change how you care for the septic system – both the tank and the drain field. For example, if we see you’ve planted a tree too close to the system, we’ll let you know that it should be relocated. We are also a wealth of information about other preventative care you should know, such as not parking or driving over the tank or drain field and what you can and should not introduce to the septic system.

It is important to note that a septic system can appear to be operating properly but have a problem that just hasn’t resulted in a noticeable symptom yet. That is why we recommend you have a drain field inspection done every 12 to 18 months. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call.

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