4 Reasons Why Real Estate Septic Inspections Are Important

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Real estate septic inspections are important for many reasons, including the health and functionality of the property. When you’re buying or selling a home that doesn’t link to municipal sewer lines, knowing the condition of the septic system is key.

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Septic Inspections Are Important

At Sauer Septic, our team has worked on both sides, giving sellers the information they need when marketing their home and providing buyers with peace of mind that the property they’re buying has a functioning septic system.

  1. Health and Safety. A septic system that doesn’t work right can put those living on and around the property at risk of getting sick. The threat is related to bacteria and pathogens that could get into the groundwater, surface water, and soil. Our team can assess the system to ensure it’s in good working order.
  1. Property Value. A septic system that is well-maintained and works properly can raise the property’s value. If potential buyers find out that a property has a failing septic system, they are likely not to want to buy it. A clean bill of health from a septic check, on the other hand, can be a great selling point and win over potential buyers.
  1. Understanding Needed Repairs. Real estate septic inspections not only provide information about the current state of the system but also highlight repairs that may be needed in the future. This gives current homeowners the chance to fix those issues prior to selling, as well as letting new homeowners prepare for future repairs. Additionally, if septic system issues are found early on, a repair rather than a replacement might be possible.
  1. Smooth Transaction. Real estate septic inspections can also speed up the process of buying or selling a home. Both buyers and sellers can make educated decisions when they have all the information.

Septic systems are found on many properties, which means the need for real estate septic inspections is high. Contact our team today to learn more.