Buying a Home? Get That Septic Tank Inspection ASAP

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One of the most exhilarating moments in life is the purchase of your new home. Closing the deal with the realtor, handing over the deposit, signing off on the mortgage, grabbing the keys to the front door… everything is both exciting and stressful.

Buying a Home? Get That Septic Tank Inspection ASAP

However, before you meet up with your lawyer at the closing, there are always a few tasks that need attention, and one of the most crucial is a septic tank inspection. Septic tanks are an important part of daily life in Central Florida, and most homeowners almost forget that they’re there until there’s a problem. For the seller, a septic tank inspection might be the last item on a checklist of what they need to sell their home. But as a buyer, you absolutely need to be sure your potential new home has a well-maintained septic tank.

Although a well-maintained septic tank can last for decades, not every homeowner maintains their septic system as well as they could. Many people overlook that part of their property, even though living with a malfunctioning septic tank system can be a health hazard.

That’s where a quality septic tank inspection comes in. Our experts at Sauer Septic can inspect the septic tank system to ensure you’re purchasing a home with a fully functioning system. Beginning with a visual assessment, a septic tank inspection will include accessing the manhole and taking photos of the inside of the tank. A loading and dye test then follows, which includes flushing dye through the septic system. The area surrounding the septic tank is then thoroughly inspected to see if the dye-treated sewage is flooding outside the intended area.

Once you purchase the home, a septic tank inspection should occur every five years to maintain quality. If you need to schedule a septic inspection, contact us today.