ATU Septic Systems 101

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When it comes to septic tanks, most people don’t have a ton of experience. Septic tanks are complicated systems for the average homeowner, and whether you grew up in an urban or suburban area, you might have never encountered septic tanks before.

ATU Septic Systems 101

However, septic tanks are relatively common for homes and even commercial properties in Central Florida. If you’re wondering what kind of septic system your property requires, our experts at Sauer Septic can advise you. One option that may fit your needs well is an ATU septic system.

An ATU (Aerobic Treatment Unit) septic system shares some similarities with a standard septic system. Both types utilize natural processes to handle and treat wastewater. The major difference between ATU septic systems and more conventional septic systems is that ATU septic systems actually use oxygen to break down the organic matter. In some ways, they can be compared to city or suburban wastewater treatment systems.

One of the best aspects of ATU septic systems is the longevity of the system. When installed and maintained properly and professionally,  ATU septic systems can last for several decades. Another selling point of the ATU septic systems is how much cleaner the wastewater comes out, reducing the risk of groundwater contamination, especially in areas with high water tables (such as Central Florida).

This type of septic system is suitable for all types of land, unlike traditional septic systems. Water can also be reused to water your lawn, which is yet another huge bonus and environmentally friendly outcome. The waste breaks down more quickly with an ATU septic system, which helps reduce accumulation risk and the need to pump the tank more frequently.

To learn more about ATU septic systems and find out if this type of system is right for you, contact us today at Sauer Septic.