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3 Signs You Need Drain field Repair

There’s no funny business around septic system issues when you’re in need of drain field repair. Here are three tell-tale signs you need to call an expert, stat.

  1. Sewage Backup- One of the most immediate signs you need drain field repair starts in the home. This is dangerous because it is not always evident if the problem is a clogged pipe in the home, or a bigger issue with your drain field. When the drain field is over-capacity with water, sewage may back up into the home. While the repair of a clogged pipe is easy to fix, if there is a larger problem that remains undiagnosed, the repair can become complex and costly.
  2. Flooding- If you notice flooding in your drain field, or spongy areas on your grass, it’s time to call a professional for drain field repair. Flooding in your drain field can be indicative of a block in your distribution tubes, or a result of excess water consumption that is putting extra stress on your system. Non-biodegradable materials (tampons, paper towel, and even cigarette butts) can clog up your system and cause flooding. Unfortunately, it’s hard to determine the cause of flooding without a full drain of your tank and inspection of your system.
  3. Odor – It’s hard to ignore a drain field problem because the smell can be deadly, but it shouldn’t have to get to that point. With routine inspection, you can protect your property (and your nose) from even having to deal with the costly and stinky drain field problems. If you do notice a strong odor around your drain field, call an expert immediately as there is a huge risk of surface water contamination and the associated health hazards are serious. If your nose knows, don’t wait to call an expert.