Selling a home with a septic system is a relatively simple process

Selling a home with a septic system is a relatively simple process. If your realtor is doing their due diligence, they’ll likely recommend you order an inspection to identify any problems and address them directly before you have a buyer come through the door.

3 Things You Need to Know When Selling a Home with a Septic System

Here are three things you need to know when selling a home with a septic system:

  1. Inspections are Typical– Most buyers will include a septic tank inspection clause with their offer that makes the sale conditional on the state of your septic system. This can become a point of contention during the negotiations if the inspection reveals something sinister. Being proactive about a septic tank inspection will help you streamline the real estate transaction by eliminating the surprises that could impact your offer.
  2. Not Required, but Recommended– If your buyer doesn’t request a septic tank inspection, you may not be required to have one at all. If you can provide records indicating routine maintenance over the years – and if your septic system is not over 30 years old – you could use them as leverage to avoid paying for an inspection during your home sale. That being said, if the buyer requests the inspection, they are the ones covering the cost.
  3. How to Save the Deal– If your buyer does request a septic tank inspection and it reveals a problem with your system, you have a few options. Some lenders may require a full repair prior to purchase, and some realtors can try to negotiate for a shared cost in an amendment to the offer.