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emergency septic pumping need on your hands No one is ever really prepared for an emergency of the septic sort, especially since it seems that these emergencies always tend to happen right before a big event. Just like you can gauge when you are sick whether or not you need the emergency room, there are a few things you can do to determine whether or not you need emergency septic pumping.

The first thing you’re going to need to do in determining whether or not you need emergency septic pumping is rely on your senses, namely sight, hearing and smell. What do you see when you look at your tank and surrounding drain field? Pooling water above the drain field is a huge red flag and should be dealt with immediately! Inside your home, are you paying attention to all your drains? If you have a basement, backups can be occurring down there while you are unaware on the main levels. Check all your drains regularly. When you go outside, do you smell foul odors? Know the difference in your area between a smelly downwind from the farm up the road and the foul-smelling odors of a septic tank.

Finally, can you hear an alarm going off in your tank? Many septic systems come with or have emergency alarms that will go off when the tank is too full. These are not alarms that should be ignored, like when you burn dinner and the smoke alarm goes off. Never ignore your septic alarm.

If you notice one or all of these warnings, septic pumping cannot wait until another day. You have an emergency septic pumping need on your hands that needs to be dealt with ASAP. Call us at Sauer Septic and we can help.