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Septic Tank Manufacturing

Your septic system includes a number of different parts and sections. One of the most important components of your septic system is the tank. Its primary role is to act as a filter for sewage water; fats, grease, and oils float to the top, while heavier solids sink to the bottom. The water that rests in the middle, now relatively clean, is then pushed out to be dispensed out in the drain field.

A cracked or damaged septic tank could pose a huge danger to the environment. Raw sewage could leak out and spread to lakes and streams, contaminating sources of water. This is why high-quality septic tank manufacturing has such a high value in our society. Excellent septic tank manufacturing services will ensure that a septic tank will last for years and prevent contamination.

At Sauer Septic, we pride ourselves on our septic tank manufacturing services. Focusing on the smallest details, we’ll ensure you have a full-functioning septic system. If you suspect your tank is leaking or have any other concerns with your septic system, call us immediately. It’s better to handle possible issues now then to wait and have those issues turn into costly repairs.

With over 30 years of experience, plus an outstanding rating with the Better Business Bureau, it’s no wonder we’re the septic service company people turn to the most. High-quality materials, hard work, and excellent customer service are what we always strive for when we perform any type of project, no matter the size. Call us today to learn more.