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Septic Tank Cleaning
If you’ve installed a septic system on your property, one of the items on your to-do list every few years should be septic tank cleaning. A septic system relies on all parts of it working efficiently, and one of the hardest working components of the system is your septic tank. As such, it’s important to keep it clean, so your septic system functions healthily.

Think of your septic tank as the heart of your septic system; without it, the system fails. The septic tank is where the waste gets separated into liquid and solid, and then treated. Next, the water is channeled into the drain field while the solid waste remains at the bottom of the tank.

Because the tank collects and treats your waste, septic tank cleaning is essential. A malfunctioning septic tank can lead to overflow, foul smells, and a clogged septic system that can have your drain field flooded and waste water backing up on your drains.

Cleaning your septic tank typically involves septic tank pumping. This process removes the sludge, grease and solid waste that reside in the tank. The solid waste that is taken out of the system is then disposed of in the appropriate and safe way. Removing the solid waste frees up space in the septic tank, which allows the tank to operate more effectively.

Septic tank cleaning is also an opportunity for the professional to assess the structural integrity and operational efficiency of the septic tank. If any damage is spotted, it is an opportunity to deal with minor concerns that might have otherwise caused larger problems in the future.

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