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2 Reasons You May Need Drain Field Repair
Your septic system consists of many parts, such the septic tank, piping and the drain field. A malfunction in one area can have an effect on the overall system.

If you’ve noticed that your drain field is not working properly, it’s important to get your septic system assessed by a professional. At Sauer Septic, our 30 years of experience in the septic industry mean that we have encountered a wide variety of septic issues, including drain field repair, and are able to resolve those problems effectively.

Here are 2 reasons why you may need drain field repair:

1.Your Septic Tank Has Not Been Sufficiently Cleaned or Pumped. Problems originating in the septic tank will inevitably affect your drain field if the problem is not attended to. One common issue is not regularly cleaning or pumping your septic tank. This causes the tank to perform less effectively and can lead to solid waste and sludge entering your drain field.

2.The design of your septic system is outdated. The septic industry has evolved a lot over the years; we know a lot more now about how to design efficient septic systems than we did 10 years ago. If your septic system was installed some time ago, its design may now be outdated and causing you problems.

If your septic system is old and not functioning well, call us for an assessment and consultation. Perhaps replacing your whole system would be more cost-effective over time instead of constantly investing in septic tank and drain field repairs.

Here at Sauer Septic, we handle all types of septic issues. Whether it’s septic tank installation, pumping, or drain field repair, we take care of your septic system!