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Drain Field RepairLet’s face it– Central Florida gets some pretty nasty storms sometimes. Even a hurricane that doesn’t make landfall anywhere in Florida can force some pretty good downpours into the area. If your home is on a septic system, you may notice that things don’t work quite the way they should when that happens. The reality is that there is a good chance your home needs drain field repair.

  • Before the storm. One of the best times to call for an inspection of your septic system is when a storm is looking like it is going to impact the weather. Drain field repair done before the storm is always the best option. Also, make sure your home’s gutters and downspouts are directing roof runoff somewhere besides the drain field.
  • During the storm. Your home’s drain field is already getting saturated outside, so reducing your water usage inside the house is a good idea. If you find that toilets don’t flush and drains are slow during the storm, make an appointment for an inspection because drain field repair is likely needed.
  • After the storm. Inspect the grassy area above the drain field. If water sits around for longer than a couple of days, there could be a problem.

Our team at Sauer Septic has you covered for drain field repair should you find that the system cannot handle a storm. We’ll inspect the system and let you know what can be done to improve its efficiency. We’ve performed drain field repair in the area for more than 35 years, often repairing what others thought had to be replaced. Call us for all your septic system needs.