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Septic Tank Services in Orlando, FloridaYour septic tank is an amazing piece of hardware. The system as a whole operates in an amazing way that rids your home of wastewater without having to be connected to a municipal sewer system. There are many moving parts to these systems. You have the pipes that lead to the septic tank, and then the septic tank drains into a drain field, which consists of pipes filled with gravel. This process of ridding your home of wastewater repeats itself again and again without any problems. Because there are usually no problems for a while, you don’t think about your septic system too much. Because of this, you’re not thinking too much about septic tank services, like preventative maintenance. When a problem does occur, however, it’s a hard thing not to think about.

The tank is a specific size, so it can handle only so much waste. The most common problems that lead to a need for septic tank services include soakaway problems, the type of soil surrounding the system, and sodium binding in the soil. When something happens to your drain field, such as excessive bacteria growth, then you have a problem. You may notice gurgling toilets and drains, a foul odor, that toilets are slow when flushed, or that the toilets and drains overflow.

For nearly four decades, our team at Sauer Septic has been helping homeowners and business owners throughout Orlando, Windermere, and Clermont, Florida who have experienced septic problems. From emergency septic tank services and septic maintenance to septic tank manufacturing and repair, we offer a full-service solution.