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Drain Field Inspection in Orlando, FloridaIn a septic system, one of the most important components is the drain field. When you flush the toilet at your home or commercial business, waste and water then enter a septic tank through pipes. The tank contains bacteria that treat the waste, and then the wastewater will rise to the top and move out of the tank. At this point, the wastewater enters the drain field, which is made up of a set of perforated pipes surrounded by gravel, where water can seep through and filter before it goes back into the ground. If any part of the system has a crack or other problem, the water might not receive the full treatment before going back into the soil, leading to environmental concerns.

At Sauer Septic, we offer drain field inspections for your home or commercial property that can give you peace of mind when using your plumbing. When we come out for routine cleaning and septic pumping services, we can also complete a drain field inspection to check the system to look for potential issues. You can also keep an eye out for signs that the drain field is having problems. These possible signs include:

  • Wet Spots on the Grass Above The Drain Field
  • Odors in the Yard
  • Backed-Up Plumbing

If you notice these issues, you may want to call us at Sauer Septic for a drain field inspection.

Since your drain field plays such an important role in the proper storage and processing of waste produced by your household, it is a good idea to walk around near the drain field to watch for any potential problems. This can help prevent serious issues that can result in messy situations in the future. Contact us today if you have noticed problems with your drain field or aren’t sure about the last time it was checked. Our team at Sauer Septic is ready to assist you!