The drain field is one of the most important parts of your septic system. For this reason, if you suspect that you need drain field repair, it’s critical that you contact us at Sauer Septic for help right away. If you aren’t quite sure whether you need drain field repair, here are some signs to watch out for:

Do You Need Drain Field Repair? Easy Ways to Tell

  • Drain Field RepairWet spots and surfacing sewage have started to show up in the area surrounding the drain field
  • Sewage backs up into your toilets, bathtubs, and sinks on a regular basis
  • Your drains are running slower than normal
  • Standing liquid has settled on the top of your drain field

Although some drain field repair problems are inevitable, some can be prevented as long as you take care of your drain field. To prevent avoidable issues with this critical part of your septic system, don’t build over the top of your drain field. This means that you shouldn’t build a patio, carport, or any other type of structure on your drain field.

You should also never dig into your drain field, as this could damage the pipes beneath the soil, and avoid parking heavy vehicles on top of your drain field. Additionally, you shouldn’t plant a vegetable garden on your drain field or install an irrigation system on your drain field.

If you want to know more about fixing or maintaining your property’s drain field, contact us at Sauer Septic. We’re always happy to help!